First 3 teapots ever

C# first 3 teapots

Cameron Sharp Pottery first 3 teapots

I just uploaded a photo of my first three teapots.  I have been wanting to make some for a while so this is awesome for me.  All three are different.  The first has a deep lid that fits in a gallery with lugs for a cane or wood handle, the second has the lid fitting over a lip with a pulled handle, and the third was inspired by one that Simon Leach made in one of his videos.  It’s for green tea and has no lid with a handle on the side.  I’ll be doing some videos where I talk about the process of making and critiquing my work, so look for those in the future on my YouTube channel at Cameron Sharp Pottery.  I think it is important to be able to do that and decide what worked and what did not or what I like or don’t like to learn what can be done next time.  For example the 3rd teapot has a spout and handle that are too long for practical use.  I think a shorter handle would give more leverage lifting a pot full of tea and the spout could be made to the same length as the handle for balance both physically and aesthetically.  And it would take up much less space on the counter or in the cupboard.

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10 thoughts on “First 3 teapots ever

  1. hi there i am on a bit of a basic learning curve at the moment, and have gone back to basics of making the cylinder which of course very thing stems from. i love these simple forms that you have created and gives me a future goal to dream about. I have to keep on and on making these cylinders till it becomes second nature. Why! Because i was trying to run with my pottery before i could walk. Do like the look of these pots on your site.

    • Thanks. The teapot body is just a cylinder that has been bellied out. You can do it. Go ahead and run. You will learn more from a few crashing pots than you will by holding back and playing it safe. One of the most useful things to learn is how far is too far. Until I pushed too hard I did not know how hard was too hard. Likewise when I rush something and try to raise all the clay too fast. Usually it works out better for me if I am patient. Good luck.

      • My tutor has said the same thing as you. I need to push the clay to the point of no return. He makes me throw a cylinder and the cut it down the middle to see if i have got the clay up and even. You are right you need to get the feel of the clay first. I am going to follow your blog because i like your advice! I have ran with things in the past but was just picking up bad habits. Have you looked at my blog? it would be nice to get some feed back on it to see what you think.

    • Thank you. I loved the experience of making these. Handles, lids, galleries, score and slip, attaching, pulling handles, lugs, spouts, cutting, drilling holes, adding a knob on the lid, etc. It’s all there. There were so many things to learn by doing it. I say go for it and make your teapot.

    • Not yet. First I need to get the kiln up and running, then bisque fire them, then glaze them, then fire them again at high temp. My brother John is helping me get the propane tanks and regulator pretty soon. He already bought me the burners when he was here. I need to get some refractory cement to finish the chimney. Sounds like you too want a teapot or even a tea set.

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