large bowl

I got a commission to make two custom bowls the other day from a guy named Jameson. Thanks so much for the custom order. I appreciate the support and send peace and gratitude to you on the highest level.

It’s amazing how things work out. I was selling some stuff on craigslist and he answered the ad, came over and bought more than what was in the ad. We got to talking about this and that and I told him I was a potter, he told me he was an artist and wanted to see my pots. I showed him some in the kitchen we were using and he said he wanted me to make him two big bowls like the one we use for fruit on our table. We talked about the design and he wants letters on the side saying “OAKLAND, CA” and “GALLUP, NM” to honor the places he has lived.

We really connected in what we were sharing with each other and I wish him all the best. I was inspired by his words and I hope to finish the pots for my new friend within a month. The bowl in the photo is the one he saw on our table. It’s made of stoneware clay and has a glaze on it called yellow salt. The texture on the outside came from a serrated trim tool I used when the clay was leather hard. I’ll be sure to post photos of his pots and link to it here once they’re up.

Thanks for reading my blog